Instruments of Joy


My wife and I enjoyed a benefit concert Friday night for Instruments of Joy.

My friend Joshua MacLeod founded this charity while on a mission trip in Malawi, where he was impressed with a young man’s improvised guitar which he used to entertain children in an AIDS orphanage. I’ll let Joshua tell you more here about his inspiration.

IOJ accepts donations of gently used musical instruments or uses cash donations to buy quality instruments at great discounts from music companies. They can provide a quality instrument to an artist overseas for only $200 by sending the instrument with a missionary who has the contacts on the ground in another nation.

The concert featured the amazingly talented musical performances of Phil Keaggy, Audrey Assad and Buddy Greene.

A silent auction raised $20,000. Divided by $200, that’s 100 instruments from the auction alone.

Keaggy and Assad donated all the proceeds from their merchandise sales to tornado relief efforts in Tennessee; Green didn’t bring any merch.

I am proud to call Joshua my friend, and proud to help spread the word about IOJ.

Won’t you consider donating to Instruments of Joy today? Here is the link.



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